In order to enjoy our passion for style responsibly, we can all take small steps to move forward on the path of circular fashion. Extending the lifecycle of fashion items is a growing trend. One that we are completely onboard with. In this section you will find pre-loved clothing and accessories that our team of stylists procures and curates with utmost care.

All the pieces seen here have chosen with a lot of love and have undergone relevant quality checks. All the pieces have been professionally sanitized before being put on sale.

Please note that these items are warehoused at different locations in order to save the resources in getting everything delivered to our warehouse and then, to you. As a result, the delivery times for these pieces can be slightly longer than those for our regular orders. 

If you have a stunning piece of clothing in good condition or unused bags, belts or jewelry that you'd like to sell to us for this section, please write to us at and our team will get in touch with you within 3 days. 

Enjoy scouring for your next gorgeous pre-loved fashion find!


Team Apparella